Additional Information About Risk Factors for Gum Disease

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Make sure that preventative treatments are in place so that any forms of dental damage that are occurring are treated properly. You should have prevention plans in place to minimize risk factors associated with various oral health risks, which includes understanding the risk factors for gum disease.

Are you aware of the risk factors commonly associated with gum disease? Gum disease is an oral health condition in which you routinely suffer from gum tissue infection. If you are suffering from a gum tissue infection, it often leaves many visual clues as to its presence. If your gums appear abnormal or irregular in any way, it could be linked to gum disease. To help protect your mouth against gum disease, it is important to lower your risk for it. Several common risk factors for gum disease are as follows:

– frequent drug use
– a lack of visiting your dentist for check-ups and professional cleanings as needed
– certain genetic markers and a family history of the disease
– diabetes
– pregnancy
– a diet high in acids, sugars and carbs
– plaque buildup
– hormonal changes in your body
– unhealthy habits including using drugs or tobacco

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