Avoid These Things—They Harm the Smile

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Your dentist, Dr. Eric Dunn, wants you to have a top-notch smile, which is why he strongly encourages you to care for your teeth and gums regularly. Unfortunately, there are many things that threaten the smile each day. If you don’t avoid or fight those things, your teeth and gums can suffer the consequences. The things to avoid include:

-Having poor oral hygiene: If you do not brush your teeth twice a day, floss and rinse daily, and attend your checkups every six months, your smile is vulnerable to major dental issues that can destroy the entire oral health. It’s very important to clean and care for your smile regularly.

-Chewing on pens and pencils: If you chew on hard things, like pens and pencils, then you could suffer small tooth cracks. You might not see them at first, but when you keep chewing, the crack can get larger, which can result in a completely cracked tooth.

-Consuming foods and drinks that harm the smile: The most harmful products include those that are sugary and acidic. These things are dangerous because the acid wears down the tooth enamel while the sugar promotes tooth decay. It’s best to stick to tooth-healthy foods.

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