Is Bruxism Secretly Ruining Your Smile?

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Is bruxism secretly ruining your smile? Although bruxism is often found and discovered in individuals who have high stress levels, it can develop in anybody. Typically, bruxism goes unnoticed because it happens unconsciously, often while asleep. If left untreated, it is possible that bruxism can destroy your smile and seriously damage your teeth. The first step is to determine if you are suffering from the disorder.

Bruxism is usually found or noticed by others, including sleep partners or roommates, who can easily notice and detect any loud teeth grinding noises that you may be producing as you sleep. Another common early warning stage of bruxism is with the teeth themselves, as they can appear flat or worn, or even show signs of chipping and cracking that may be otherwise unexplainable.

Another common warning sign of bruxism is a greater sensitivity with your teeth, which is often strongest after you wake up. You may also discover an increase in jaw pain or soreness. Damaged cheek tissue, a locked jaw, and pain much like earaches are also traditional signs. Bruxism is ideally linked to TMJ disorders and sleep apnea.

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