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Keeping your teeth is an obvious goal, to ensure chewing capabilities and the esthetics of your smile. Dentists will remove a tooth, only if it becomes a last resort, and will typically recommend a dental crown. A crown can save a severely decayed or damaged tooth, allowing you to preserve it for years longer. Our dentist, Dr. Eric Dunn, will examine your tooth and evaluate its condition. If he feels you would benefit from a dental crown, we would go over everything you need to know.


Besides saving a tooth, there are other benefits to having a dental crown placed, such as:


  • Protection – crowns provide the utmost protection to a severely decayed or damaged tooth.
  • Appearance – having a dental crown placed helps improve the color and shape of the tooth, since we can match the crown to your existing tooth. If you choose a porcelain crown, it will be more resistant to staining, than just a filling, and allows for a more natural appearance.
  • Long lasting – crowns have shown they last longer than any other restoration, including implants, since they preserve the original tooth.
  • Restores a tooth after root canal therapy, since a root canal removes the nerves and the tooth then slowly dies.
  • Anchors a dental bridge to preserve not just a missing tooth, but to protect neighboring teeth


Once you have made the choice to get a dental crown, the dentist will prepare your tooth at your next appointment, take impressions and then place a temporary crown In a follow-up appointment, the dentist will place the permanent crown. Contact us at 513-523-7541 and allow us to restore your smile with dental crowns in Oxford, Ohio.