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The importance of mouth guards cannot be understated. Even if you spend an entire lifetime of keeping your mouth clean and brushing and flossing every single day, a single blow to your face can destroy all your hard work. This is because our teeth are quite fragile when it comes to physical trauma, so you often will require additional safety gear to keep your smile safe. This includes the use of mouth guards.

It is essential that if you are involved in a high-risk activity, to have a mouth guard in place. One common type includes custom-made mouthguards, which are designed specifically to fit your dental profile. These can be received by your dentist. Another common mouth guard is a boil-and-bite mouth guard, which consists of mouth guards that you bite into when it is warm to create your dental impression. Another mouth guard is a stock mouth guard, which is already pre-formed and ready-to-wear. However, it can be bulky and make breathing difficult.

To make sure your mouth guard is functioning effectively, always take care of it This includes washing it as needed in a safe solution such as cool, soapy water. If you are noticing, any issues with your mouth guard such as it’s beginning to wear, visit your dentist to have a replacement crafted. Furthermore, children tend to wear through their mouth guards faster for the simple reason that their mouths are still growing and changing. In addition, avoid leaving your mouth guard where pets can get to it or in the sun or hot water.

If you would like to set up a customizable mouth guard crafted at Willow Creek Family Dentistry, you are welcome to call our dentist office in Oxford, Ohio, at our number 513-523-7541. Dr. Eric Dunn and our entire team look forward to enhancing your smile.