The Oral Health Risks Found in Your Diet

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When assessing ways to improve your oral health, it might be a wise idea to set up an oral health care checklist of all potential risks in your diet. By analyzing your diet and potential risks within it, you can much better protect your mouth against issues that often arise. For a list of common questions concerning tooth hazards risks in your diet, look below:

What is the significance of your diet in relation to tooth hazards?
Your diet plays a key role in tooth hazard prevention, because it consists of so many tooth hazard risks

How can a healthy diet be used to help prevent tooth hazards?
Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus have been shown to have an opposite effect on your tooth enamel, which is because they can remineralize your enamel and help strengthen your teeth. Products such as cheeses, nuts, milk and chicken have all been shown to be high in enamel-building minerals.

What are some of the most common tooth hazard risks in connection with your diet?
Most oral health risks in connection with your diet in regard to tooth hazards are due to products laden with sugars and starches. Both sugars and starches can be converted by plaque buildup in your mouth into harmful acids that will eat through your tooth enamel. Common products high in sugar included fruit juice and soda or those high in starches, such as potato chips and French fries.

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