The Tricks to Having an Efficient and Effective Oral Hygiene Routine

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Oral hygiene is vital for your smile and oral health. However, it’s only beneficial if you use the proper steps and techniques. So, to help you know exactly what to do in an oral hygiene routine, our Willow Creek Family Dentistry dental team is more than happy to share the details. Before we get started, it’s important to remember that it’s best to use oral hygiene tools that have been approved by the American Dental Association. Those tools are safe and effective for your smile.

Step No. 1: Brush your teeth every morning and every night. As you scrub, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. The soft bristles will scour your teeth and take care of your gums. The fluoride toothpaste will strengthen and nourish your chompers. While you brush, scrub for at least two minutes each time. Also, do your best to spend the same amount of time scrubbing each quadrant of your mouth.

Step No. 2: Floss your teeth at least once a day—preferably at night when you are done eating for the day. Flossing can remove the plaque the lives between your teeth, which is a harmful particle that can promote cavities and gum disease. As you floss, be careful cleaning along the gumline. If you are rough around the edges, you could damage your gums.

Step No. 3: Visit Dr. Eric Dunn every six months for a professional teeth cleaning and exam. These appointments are vital because the treatments involved completely remove the plaque from your teeth, which can help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

If you brush twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your dentist every six months, you’ll be on your way toward a strong, successful, and even beautiful smile. For more information and details about oral hygiene in Oxford, Ohio, call our office now. All you need to do is dial 513-523-7541 and we will be more than happy to help you.